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Cold calling is no longer an efficient way to sell your products or services. Social selling, on the other hand, is turning into a great way to maximize your time, energy and closing rate.

Using social media for lead generation, or what we like to call “Social Selling”, is where the most successful sales reps are concentrating their efforts in today’s extremely competitive landscape. That’s because innovative sales managers understand that consumers are primarily starting their buying process online. And more importantly, this buying process is happening with or without the guidance of your sales team.  

So if your sales team is not online and leveraging social media sites like LinkedIn to build and promote their personal sales expertise, they could be losing sales opportunities they didn't know they had.

WSI offers a Social Selling mastery course

At WSI we want to help teach your sales team how they can be adding value to this social buying cycle and transform the way they sell, so they can help provide true insight throughout the buyer’s journey and ultimately win your company more business.

With our 12-Module Social Selling Training program, we’ll teach your sales professionals how to

  1. Build a buyer-centric Social Profile
  2. Develop a roadmap of their ideal buyer persona
  3. Learn to share and curate valuable content that intrigues their buyer
  4. Sharing content to push their buyer of their Status Quo
  5. Campaigning and connecting with buyers
  6. Trigger event selling – monitor social channels for Trigger Events
  7. Teach the “Sphere of Influence” and “Priority Shifting” strategies
  8. Build a GUARANTEED Social Lead Generation program 30 - 60 minutes per day
  9. Leverage Hootsuite for Content Sharing
  10. Leveraging Hootsuite for Social Listening (intelligence)
  11. Integrate Advanced Social Selling tools to amplify lead generation efforts (including mobile apps)
  12. Competitive intelligence

Think about how you buy products and services; how many times have you bought something from a person who called you completely out of the blue? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Yet people continue to cold call because that’s what they’ve always done and they don’t see any other option. But the moment you stop cold calling, you’ll realize social selling offers shorter sales cycles and increased sales opportunities in your pipeline. You will still need to get on the phone to close certain deals, but the difference is it’ll be with warm leads. Don’t underestimate that difference!

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