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Lead Forensics - Who is Visiting Your Website?

Our "Lead Forensics" lead identification and lead generation platform not only tells you who has been looking at your website, it comes with a number of business and web intelligence tools and services. You can see which companies have been checking you out and then look them up and get their details. The applications are endless, it can give you a warm lead who you've never even spoken to,  or even give you an excuse to chase up that outstanding proposal.

  • Find out who is looking at your website - and which pages
  • Set up company alerts for particular organisations so you can monitor their interest 
  • Assign warm leads to your sales team 
  • Find out more with automatic Linked In integration
  • Also includes other tools to tell you the size of the company, their turnover etc 

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Sales Benefits Include:

  • Instant access to actionable data about who's been on your site. 
  • Get more leads and find out who's really interested in you so you can make the best of your sales team. 
  • Get higher conversion rates by concentrating your efforts on companies that are interested in you. If you are quick off the mark you can get a conversion rate of 14-18%, 5-6 times higher than cold calls. 
  • Reduces random cold calls by concentrating on hot prospects. 
  • Follow up on website traffic driven as a result of Marketing activity. Match with the distribution list and essentially you have fully qualified leads, which would previously have been lost opportunities. 
  • Monitor existing customers on your site and identify what is of interest to them, to discover cross selling opportunities.
  • Develop a whole new sales and marketing channel, check every day and every hour for brand new leads. 

Full CRM Integration.

The Lead Forensics lead identification platform integrates into leading CRMs to save you time and to ensure full and accurate capture of data.

Sales Force, Sage, Oracle and Microsoft products / CRM platforms

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