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OK, so now that you have a wonderful looking web site with fantastic page design and you've had us bring you lots of traffic through intensive search engine optimisation, pay per click and email marketing, why isn't your website bringing you the sales you were expecting?
Well it's not uncommon for websites to have low conversion rates. The reason for this is because the average internet surfer has the attention span of a goldfish (less than 5 seconds). Waverley Solutions specialise in what we like to call Conversion Architecture (more about that on our Conversion Architecture page).
Content is King

The secret to improving sales does not always lie in traffic, but can be equally accredited to the conversion of visitors into customers. What's the point in getting 500,000 page visits every day if 99% of them hit the back button when they get there?
This is why you need Waverley Solutions to rewrite and optimise your content, bringing your readers a call to action on each page, giving them the relevant content they are searching for and making your text easy to read. There needs to be some sort of value or incentive for your readers. Unique, fresh content is the best way to acheiving results in the search engines - especially since we submit your pages individually to all of the major search engines and directories whenever we write content for our customers.

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Online video ads are up to four times more impactful than other online formats

Online video ads are up to four times more impactful than other online formats, with the majority of viewers watching over 70% of the content provided.
Source: Klipmart

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