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Conversion Architecture

Okay, so we'll start off by admitting that conversion architecture sounds a bit buzzwordy! So let's cut to the chase - what exactly is it?

The idea is that getting lots of traffic does not always mean getting lots of leads. The key is to convert that traffic and get your site visitors to take action. Conversion architecture is basically shaping the structure of your site to maximise the conversions that you get and make the site more compelling and credible.

We use web analytics and split testing (using different strategies simultaneously to see which works best) to see what people are currently doing and then implement the most effective strategy in order to funnel the site visitors into taking the desired action - whether that means filling in a web form, buying a product, joining a mailing list or downloading a white paper. It can be as simple as changing the colour of a button, but each little improvement builds up to bring your business more conversions and more revenue.

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