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90 Day Social Media Strategy Coaching Program

There is a huge benefit to learning how to apply a powerful technology trend earlier than your competitors. For this reason we have developed a program to help businesses move from very little use of social technologies, to one of having social media deeply integrated into their overall marketing strategy in effective ways. 

We have a “90 day Social Media Strategy Coaching Program” that helps businesses understand these changes and position themselves as leaders in their field rather than followers.

We start by helping the company to embrace a 12-step social technology process in order to leverage the power of online 1-2-1 customer relationships. 

This step by step process has been developed over the past two years and has proved effective where it has been implemented. At each step we provide coaching and resources. The program takes the form of a one day workshop followed by weekly status updates and assistance with the implementation of policies and a system of measurement so that you are assured that the social media goals are being achieved.

During the 90 day Social Media Strategy Coaching Program, we will help your company move from a state of chaos to an organised, strategic social technology plan using the following twelve step process - 
  1. Analysis and Goal Development for leveraging social technologies
  2. Identify evangelists on client side and select social tech team
  3. Governance Policy Created
  4. Integrating Social Technology with Web Properties
  5. Building a River of Information
  6. Sales integration Process
  7. Online Reputation Management Process
  8. Crowdsourcing – who will own this internally
  9. Measurement and ROI process
  10. Choosing the Organisation’s Social Media Tools 
  11. Develop Pilot Projects
  12. Social Media Security and Usage
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