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Competitive Web Analysis Surrey

Our Competitive Analysis Report

Our role as your Internet Marketing Consultant is to help your business realise the full profit potential of digital marketing. In order to find out which marketing approach would best suit your business and to discover how much work would be involved in doing this for you, we normally start by preparing a competitive analysis.

 The ability for your business to be found easily online relies on your ranking within the top search engines, i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your WSI Competitive Analysis report can help you to fully understand your current ranking within these search engines and what you can do to improve your position. Critically, this report will then identify your main competitors and then give you the same data and information about what they are doing on the web. This will put your marketing campaign in a very strong position and can help you decide whether it would be worth investing in a more intensive strategy or not.

 Identify your competitors' search engine strategy

 Identify competitors' paid search strategies, keywords and ads

 Estimate your competitors' monthly online marketing budget

 A high level review of key elements on your site

 Recommendations on what you can do to improve your competitiveness.

Includes a WSI WebScan audit of competitors comparing scores for accessibly, content, quality, optimised search and an overall site score. An indication of how good their website is and how each of your competitors stack up against each other.

We guarantee that this report will provide valuable insight and help you improve your search engine ranking!

We will prepare your Competitive Analysis and present the findings to you at your place of business at a time that’s convenient for you. It's that simple. In fact, you'd be mad not to get in touch and take us up on this offer.

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